Braces will straighten your teeth, and when they come off, you will have a great smile. It is essential when wearing braces to take proper care of your teeth. If you do not clean them properly, you will end up with a straight smile filled with cavities, bacteria, and possible beginning stages of gum disease. All that time and discomfort will wasted if you are not careful. Whichever type of braces you and your orthodontist have decided upon must be kept clean and free of debris. There are ways to make sure teeth and braces are clean so that your straight smile will also be a healthy one.

If you are in traditional braces, the ones with brackets attached to your teeth, you will need to be careful not to damage the brackets or wires when you brush and floss. You should plan on brushing after every meal and every snack. Allow yourself three times more time than it takes to brush without braces. You should brush from top to bottom and then from bottom to top in even strokes. This will dislodge any food particles from the brackets and wires, as well as from your teeth.

Flossing is more important than ever to remove small pieces of food from between your teeth. They will be more likely to get caught as your teeth and jaw are shifting position. A fluoride mouthwash may be recommended for extra protection while you have braces on your teeth. If you are utilizing clear aligners, it is important to keep those clean. Bacteria can spread quickly if they are not cleaned and dried completely. Retainers also need to be kept clean and dry. questions for orthodontists, and any other treatment center, can give you detailed instructions on how to care for braces, aligners, and retainers.

How Straight Will Improve Your Overall Happines will have a lot to do with the condition of your teeth. Avoiding sticky and sugary foods while in braces will prevent damage to the brackets, and help keep enamel strong. Cutting your food in smaller pieces will also help prevent damage to braces. it will also lessen any discomfort while eating, especially when the wires or elastics have been tightened. The latest technology can straighten your teeth with faster treatment time and less appointments, but will not get you the results you desire if you neglect the care of your teeth while they are being straightened.